• Tiffany W.

    “Noooo….this idea wasn’t suppose leave paper!!!”

    “If I was on Beyonc√©, I’d get alot more respect around here.”

    “Monistat better cut me my check! Make it rain, stick. Make it, make it rain stick.”

    Ok, that last one was gross.

    • fraulein17

      ughh SOO TRUE! let beyonce wear it and people would give a round of applause *rolls eyes*

      i think it looks amazing on her! people just for some reason dont like ashanti. i love how beyonce gets so much credit for her “why dont you love me” video when ashanti did the exact same type of video FIRST with “good good”. people are just beyonce bias.

      ANYWAYS if the clothes could talk they would say “my sparkle is better than yous! *sticks out tongue*” lol

  • Y do she have on those boots w/that is my ? smh she needs a new stylist asap

  • fr

    She is trying too hard, too hard!