From Black Voices — Who says there is no such thing as racial profiling? A preppy-attired young black man hailed a New York City cab in the wee hours of Saturday morning. As the Wall Street worker attempted to step in to the vehicle, the driver asked where he was going and when the response was “Brooklyn,” the cabbie hightailed it off dragging the young man along the streets of SoHo.

Jerrell Horton (pictured) is a young, black, urban professional. He is the first member of his family to obtain a college degree and is proud of it. He works a white collar job in the financial district on Wall Street. He was dressed conservatively and lives in a nice area in Brooklyn. Horton is an accomplished 23-year-old and is baffled as to why a cab driver would size him up as a threat or menace to society just because he asked to be taken to another borough in New York City other than Manhattan.

“All they see is a black man, a potential hoodlum. It’s very disheartening,” he told the Daily News.

The DePauw University graduate was out at a club partying with friends and decided to head home at around 3 a.m. After trying to get a cab to stop for him, 45 minutes later one did, and unfortunately for Horton, it was the wrong one. When the driver asked him “where to?” and Horton replied, the cabbie sped off without ever checking to see if his passenger had stepped away from the car.

Horton’s jacket apparently got caught in the cab’s door before he had a chance to step in to the vehicle. “I was getting in when he hit the gas and my jacket got caught in the door,” he said. “I was screaming at him to stop, but he would not stop. I struggled and struggled until I finally pulled free.”

Horton was dragged for one block.

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  • How is this racial discrimination if the cab driver STOPPED TO PICK HIM UP? The cab driver didn’t want to go to Brooklyn; that happens to a hella lot of New Yorkers. As a black man, I am so over hearing how every negative thing that happens to a black person somehow corresponds to racism–these falls cries of racism actually dilute true instances of racism. And frankly, how do we know the driver wasn’t black?

    • Black male who indulges in the illusion that America is post-racial: FAIL.

    • I said we’re post-racial? Really? I know victimology may be big business, but I refuse to drink THAT kool-aid. There will be always be instances of racism, sexism, age-ism, etc. , but I will not accept that every time someone treats me badly, it’s because of my race.

    • sloane

      did you read the ENTIRE article? because in it they describe how another cab driver was fine taking a white man to brooklyn but once his black lover got into the car, he refused to drive them there, and was found guilty of racial discrimination. it’s not victimology to acknowledge reality. many people have biased views regarding black people. maybe after the driver picked him up, and found out where he was going, he automatically assumed he lived in the projects and not one of the more affluent parts of brooklyn. whatever the case, the cabdriver is not legally allowed to refuse to take him to brooklyn and you don’t know that it WASN’T a case of racial discrimination. jerell horton was there, you weren’t. he believes it was a case of prejudice, and as a black man he has probably experienced racial discrimination before and knows what it looks like and feels like, so chances are he’s right. and he believes the driver was middle-eastern by the way.

  • kemba

    After hanging out with friends one evening, I was denied travel not to Brooklyn (which they have tried often) but past 96th street. I filed a complaint and had my friend write a letter confirming the story and the taxi driver was fined $200.00 for the incident. Another time, a taxi driver tried to pass me after spending 1/2 hour to flag down a taxi only to try and pick up two white guys (i’m a black female by the way) and i had to threaten to file a complaint again the driver and warn the two guys to stay away from my taxi.

    If you are scared of the “negro” man or dont want to pick them up or take ppl to brooklyn, then get a new job!! I’m not going to stop going where i need to go!