I guess it was too good to be true to see two sexy African American actors star in a primetime series that doesn’t involve dancing or drugs.

Reports say that after just three episodes, Boris Kodjoe’s new romantic action-packed show is on the verge of cancellation.

According to Deadline, the NBC series is fading in the 8pm time slot, managing to finish a faint fourth in the hour.

But why? Are we supporting “Undercovers”?

Many of us want balanced representation on the small screen, but when it’s time to flick the channel to where our mouths are, we seem to fail miserably.

On the other hand, is there any real appeal in “Undercovers,” aside from the sexiness that is Boris Kodjoe? Whether the “Soul Food” alum likes it or not, his star power is in his looks. Kodjoe doesn’t have the Denzel principle, or even that of Idris Elba.

“Undercovers” comes off like an off-beat “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and while we Black Americans love to see people who look like us on TV, we also want innovative and quality programming.

Did you watch “Undercovers”? Do you enjoy it? Sound off!

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  • Weird

    The writing is bad. The premise makes no sense. The two leads are a husband and wife couple trying to rekindle an already good marriage. There’s no conflict between them which makes no sense.

    It’s a strange premise which makes it hard for the leads to really connect in any real way.

    I too agree that Gugu should be replaced. She’s not edgy enough, though really cute.

  • I watched the first two episodes and was bored. Like others have said, it’s definitely missing “something.” It’s great that two black actors were able to get their own show in a primetime spot on television and I think a lot of people wanted to support the show; but if it’s not entertaining, no one is going to continue to watch.

  • Robbie

    I started watching it then got bored with it. I Know that It would not last. I wanted if to work for both actors but that show is not working. I do not like it at all.

    I am watching the Event with Blair Underwood. That show is so much better!!!!!!!!!

  • DH

    I have been told that I watch enough t.v., movies, and listen to enough different types of music to be a certified critic. I have tuned into every episode of “Undercovers”. I was beyond existed when I heard about the show, and even more excited with I heard that J.J. Abrams would be at the helm of the show. I hate to say it, but the issue with the show is that it is boring. It could be so much more. I watched J.J.’s first hit, “Alias”, from episode 1 to the season finale, and the show rarely disappointed. There was always some underlying mystery- i.e. who was Sidney’s real father? Was Sloane really a friend or a foe? Francine’s evil twin, etc. “Undercovers” lacks this key mystery. One example is that almost every week some is asking one of the main characters if the spouse knows why he or she really left the agency. NBC needs to give their audience more credit. We KNOW that the characters have secrets. Please stop alluding to the secrets, and let the secrets play out over the series of the show.

    “Undercovers” also lacks enough violence. I know that may sound weird, but it’s a spy show. The show isn’t/shouldn’t be necessarily geared toward the entire family. This should be a show for adults. There should be some violence with the two main characters alluding capture, taking down bad guys, etc. I also watched 80% of the seaons of “24” while it was on the air, and the show really pushed the edge with violence, but it could rarely be accused of being boring. The African Americans that were on “24”- the President, First Lady, and the president’s brother- had meatier roles, and the first lady and the president’s brother weren’t even main characters. I almost feel as if NBC chose the two main actors because they are easy on the eyes, and not necessarily because they were the best fit for the roles. Both of the main characters are gorgeous, but I wish the material and execution of the script was as good as the characters look. I don’t know what happened, J.J. rarely fails.

  • JG

    That’s too bad. I can understand why it’s not well received, but I think it needs to get it’s “legs”…and a better back story. Nix the “friend” that keeps talking about sleeping with the wife. find another actress; one that looks older than 15. All them to at least seem like they were CIA spies. Right now I could take them out with a yoga stance let alone an assault weapon.

    With that being said, I will still support it. I’m honestly tired of looking at nothing but “White” people on television. No offense, but it’s boring. I’d be surprised it most “White” people weren’t tired of looking at “white” people. Especially when most programs are like recycled vomit of shows past anyway.