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  • Brit

    it’s like she’s recovering from a head transplant.

  • sloane

    i would rather she had braids then this hot mess of a wig. and the eyebrows are killing me.

  • Renee

    Love Brandy, love the outfit. But the oh-so obvious careless application of a quality lace wig (im assuming quality seeing as she has $) just makes her look a mess. She really needs to switch hair stylists ’cause this is only one of many bad lace wig application pictures i’ve seen of her to date.

  • If anyone has a forehead for lace fronts it has got to be Brandy. How did they manage mess this up?! And it’s a pretty wig too. At least comb it forward or something. Such a shame…

  • I hear yall on the wig. The wig is always the culprit when it comes to Brandy’s style.
    I’m sorry but not cutting the lace off the front is soo back in the day, I mean who keeps that much lace in the front any more. The point is for the lace front with with baby hairs (lol) is to look NATURAL.
    C’mon B!