Before there was a Santigold, MIA, or even Vashtie, there was Neneh Cherry. The Swedish singer/songwriter/rapper was a worldwide sensation during her peak years of success during the late 80s/90s and quite the dope chick when it came to her wardrobe as well. Always bold and unapologetic with her style, Neneh Cherry set trends that were far ahead of her time and have continued to influence those who’ve come after her. Who can forget that insane dollar-bill body suit, for example?! That piece would fit right in with a Jeremy Scott runway collection even today… Needless to say, she deserves her title as one of Coco’s fave originators.

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  • Glamarazzi

    Whoa Y’all took it back huh? lol

    I definitely see her style in a lot of girls today. Great post.

  • Still lover her!

  • Bianca

    When Neneh first stepped onto the scene, I was too young to understand her style. Now as an adult, I totally get it! Truly a trendsetter indeed. LOVES IT!

  • Interested

    I remember her! A unique 1980s sista!

  • pixa

    still love all her songs. she was definately ahead of her time.