From The BVX — Kanye West tried to be nice by giving us new music every week with his “G.O.O.D. Fridays” series, but someone just had to go behind his back and ruin it for us all. All G.O.O.D. things must eventually come to an end. And thanks to some good ol’ hackers, Kanye West isrightfully pissed off that even though he has given fans new music every Friday, some greedy jerk would leak unfinished music from his album.

How messed up is that?

If you’re mom treats you to her special homemade cookies every Friday and only asks that you wait until Friday to have one, how rude is it when she catches your hand in the cookie jar on a Wednesday trying to eat a batch of unfinished cookies. You would probably be grounded for betraying her trust. That’s exactly how Kanye feels right now. He’s basically given fans the gift of free music and someone became far too greedy and ruined it for everyone.

And we all know how sensitive Kanye is when it comes to his art. Can you blame him?

In 2008, Kanye fell victim to damn near the entire 808’s & Heartbreak album leaking to the net before its release date. He was mad, but he sucked it up. This time however, Mr. West feels like he’s been stabbed in the back.

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