Designer Dolls


Move over, Barbie! There are some new chicks in town and they are ten times more fly than the all-American girl-next-door that we’ve all grown up with. Plasticladies—a site dedicated completely to dolls—features high-fashion versions of the plastic companions and collectibles. Since its inception in August, the Tumblr site has been getting crazy traffic and feedback on its eerily realistic doll features. Some of them look like runway models, others look like pop singers, and a few even look like video vixens; but they all look real.

If you’re thinking to yourself “This is crazy. We’re too old to be thinking about dolls,” well—point taken. But even designers have begun to realize the appeal of the high-end toys. Jason Wu, for example, launched a doll company collection called “Fashion Royalty” back in 2000, and the brand is still running strong. For him, the dolls “celebrate the glamour and excitement of the fashion industry, bringing in a uniquely diverse collection to the fashion doll arena.” His figurines are designed in very limited quantities, clad in the most detailed couture-inspired garments, and part of an intricate, drama-filled storyline that rivals any soap opera on the air.

Designer Dolls – Are you Buying It?

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  • Super cute! Don’t think I’ll be buying though…

  • Bronze

    Oh no! I’m 40 and I have 3 fashion barbie dolls. I even bought Italian Vogue Black Issue because it came w/a supplemental catalog of black dolls dressed from every fashion time period. Dolls are great because they inspire me to work hard. I’d rather project what I want in life to a doll than idolize someone else while risking getting jealous or envious of what they have. Dolls are healthy at any age.

  • Jess

    I love these dolls. Although I haven’t clicked the link to check out the prices yet, I could imagine 1 or 2 of them on my vanity with my makeup, or on one of my closet shelves. Just as decoration…or maybe the start of a collection.

  • Interested

    The Black ones look Black! So that makes these dolls cool with me!

  • Fuchsia

    ABSOLUTELY!!! I want to collect them all. I think it’s a good look and it speaks volumes to little black girls who love fashion as much as I did growing up.