From Black Voices — Here we go again. In light of Bishop Eddie Long‘s recent sex scandal, controversial author J.L. King is making headlines again.

On an episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ set to air Oct. 7, the New York Times best selling author revisits a topic from 2004 — in which he appeared on the national syndicated talk show for his double life as a loving husband who engaged in homosexual affairs.

King, who penned the 2004 tome ‘On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men Who Sleep With Men,’ offered insight on the secret life of “down low” men. He became the face of undercover bisexuality in the African American community.

During an interview with BlackVoices.com last year, the Springfield, Ohio native said: “Among brothers and sisters, there continues to be a distrust of brothers by Black women. This distrust is one of the most noticeable areas in our community that need healing!”

Off the strength of ‘On the Down Low,’ King was thrust into the limelight with television appearances on networks such as PBS, BET, CNN — becoming the poster child — if you will — of the “Down Low Lifestyle.”

In the wake of the Bishop Long scandal, he has resurfaced.

King’s knowledge of the topic hits home for ‘Oprah’ guest, Bridget, who says she contracted HIV from her spouse due to, what she claims to be, his double life.

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