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  • I absolutely LOVE Erykah, she is such a beautiful person and I admire her strong sense of individuality. BUT I cannot get with that blonde hair. Nope, I refuse. Her outfit is fine, I love the dress and it flatters her body excellently…but that hair is giving me heart palpitations and not in a good way : / But like I said, other than that she looks fine!

    • The blond hair definitely killed the look for me.

  • Alexandra

    It’s the blond hair. It doesnt go well. I miss the afro wigs she used to wear :(

    But the dress/belt is really cute. I agree with Dee, it fits her body well.

  • Lish

    Love her!!! Just because she has a blonde wig on today don’t mean she won’t have an afro tomorrow…

  • Savoy

    This is actually a very well put together look for her. I’ve never seen her actually look pulled together before. Even her make-up was nice.