From The BVX — How To Get Paid. The Girls’ Guide To Fame: Amber, Kim and Karrine From Arm Candy To Boss Lady.” Yes. It reads like a typical “how to” headline from the pages of popular women’s lifestyle magazines across America, but the meaning of the words aren’t so innocent. This is the cover story for the latest issue of the new gossip tabloid Juicy serving as yet another media outlet adding to the out of control fame machines of women who use their sexuality as a stepping-stone to fame.

Before the women’s rights movement, women had to rely on men for their livelihoods. They were property, objects, and a mere accessory to the men of society. Often the only hope for them to make a name in society was to marry into wealth rather than create their own.

It’s hard to believe that in 2010, society still glorifies this path to success. The article in Juicy, highlights the success stories of women who turned their status as a sidepiece or girlfriend into a profitable brand. Bringing light to the fact that Amber Rose can now sit front row at fashion week, and can reportedly earn around $20,000 per appearance, touting Karrine Steffans victory as a New York Times best selling author, and noting Kim Kardashian‘s growing presence in media both in front of and behind the camera, these women are representatives of “the new Hollywood hustle.”

When asked about the “Guide to Fame” Juicy’s Editor in Chief Paula T. Renfroe said “We actually saw it as more of an entertainment piece. Instead of just aspiring to be someone’s arm candy, or be seen on the red carpet, these ladies have flipped their girlfriend status into entrepreneurship. But by no means was it an attempt to educate anyone on anything. It was more just an entertainment reflection piece like ‘hey, we see something going on here, these ladies aren’t just falling to the way side, they’ve branded themselves.'”

Granted, these women were very savvy to take their respective positions, and flip them into ways to empower themselves. But despite the TV shows, the book deals, and the magazine covers can we really ignore how these women got to where they are? To this day I refuse to watch ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ because watching that show would mean admitting the fact she even has a show is okay.

The media still chooses to give shine to these women for doing nothing but looking good on the red carpet, or having sex with a celebrity and being smart enough to tape it. The more magazine, TV and paparazzi attention they receive the more their methods become validated. The end justifies the means and every flick of the camera is another reason for a vulnerable young woman to think that the path to the good life is as simple as laying down with the right person.

The public eats this stuff up because this is what is being served to them. It’s a cycle that needs to stop. It’s comparable to a child coming to the kitchen table for dinner and having no choice but to eat what’s put in front of her. No responsible parent would serve a plate full of candy. We come to the newsstand for entertainment, and the magazines are serving what they think we want to eat but with all this “candy” all we’re getting are empty calories and giving more weight to the power of the glorified groupie.

Despite what Juicy claims as just a piece observing the trends of celebrity culture, highlighting this trend adds fuel to the fire. It’s another magazine mention carrying the torch for these women.

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  • BlackButterfly

    they’re all just whores. A whore is anyone who makes and takes money for sex (and any sexual act).

    Please don’t anyone try to tell me they are not whores, because here is why I say they are whores:

    1. Kim K – she “might” not have leaked that Ray J video, but she must definitely accepted payment for allowing it to be released. I’ve still yet to see her do one photo shoot that is not totally about her body – even models are selling clothes, she just sells a**

    2. Karrine — do I even need to provide examples as to why she is a whore

    3. Amber – again just like Karrine

    I don’t understand why they get mad when people who interview them bring up their fame due to sex, as if they’re some Puritan Mary from 1610 dressing modestly or something.

  • secret ninja

    brings a whole new meaning to the line: “you can’t pimp me, i’ma pimp myself”
    apparently it doesn’t matter is you’re a heaux, as long as you are in control of how you’re heauxed out and to whom. the idea that some people want to compare these heaux’s to certain women in the music industry who made it to where they are because they actually have talent is mind boggling.

  • Tony Stark

    These whores got paid doing whore work! Men will sleep with Amber and Kim. Never marry them. Some bourgeois feminists think Karrine Stefans is a victim, pure crazy. I though more leftist women who speak out against Christine O’Donnell’s dumb ass, considering the talent pool, but this article is garnering more discussion. Wow!

  • this is definitely a bad message to young women