When “ATL” hit the big screen in 2006, everybody was a buzz about the “New-New” young actress and model, Lauren London. Lauren quickly rose to fame, becoming every man’s not-so-secret celebrity crush, and every girl’s favorite character from the film. We even jokingly imitated her faux-hood-fab lingo. Since then, London has continued to be a Hollywood sweetheart, snagging campaigns for Sean John, and gaining roles in such projects as HBO’s “Entourage” and the film “Next Day Air.” She has an undeniably upbeat and easy breezy west coast demeanor; beautiful, positive, and humble. And even after facing harsh criticism for giving birth to one of Lil Wayne’s many 2009 offspring, she keeps smiling, huge dimples and all, and continuing to press forward in her blossoming career.

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  • binks

    Who cares if she had lil wayne’s baby that is her business and her choice, what does taht have to do with style, beauty and her as a person. Hopefully, she is getting roles I heard that she is working on a tv show Queen Latifah is producing. But she is a naturally pretty girls who do look good in just about anything love the gray dress

    • Fraulein17

      what does that have to do with her AS A PERSON? actually it means a lot. to be somebody’s #4 or 5 baby mother really really shows a lot about yourself.

  • Me27

    i love lauren and I love her girl-next-door look. She’s naturally pretty and looks great in everything.

  • glamarazzi

    I’ve never seen her in a film, I only know her from Pharrell and Snoop music videos. I don’t consider her remotely stylish, but bashing her for being a babymama is cruel lol. Yeah, maybe her kid wasn’t born under the most responsible conditions, but I’m sure she loves her child. I mean, it’s not like she’s Amber Rose.