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  • Me27

    At first I was thinking, “I can’t believe this ish is over 30 mins long” but as i continued to watch it i found myself drawn into it. Visually this was stunning. The contrasting colors of the dinner & show scene are amazing; The stark whiteness of the linen and clothing compared to the darkness of the dining guests…The dark clothing of the ballarinas against their light skin… The bright greeness of the wall compared to the grey slate of the concrete ground….this scene alone stands out.

    And am I the only one who sees this video as a metaphor for his relationship with Amber Rose?

  • Absolutely gorgeous video. It has a lot of symbolism and the more I know about the background behind each symbol the more I wish I didn’t know. He expresses himself and the circumstances of his career in a manner that leaves no room for doubt – his talent and eye as an artist still astound me every time I watch this.