Sesame Street has chimed in on natural hair. In a video featuring a brown muppet singing a song titled “I Love My Hair” Sesame Street is encouraging our little sisters to love their natural tresses. The video has been posted on several websites, and blogs such as Afrobella, Fly, AfroGlitz, Essence, The Huffington Post, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” is getting tons of buzz, both positive and negative. A post by The Fashion Bomb titled “Not Everyone Loves ‘I Love My Hair’”, referring to the video posted on Afrobella’s blog states, “ Refreshing and sweet, it’s hard to think that anyone could find fault with a nursery tune meant to positively reinforce natural hair for young children of color. But a few commenters took to Bella’s Facebook Page to complain.” The writer goes on to quote one of the comments.

There were also several negative comments on Sesame Street’s Youtube channel, but all in all the positives outweigh the negative. Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” is very encouraging and a wonderful message for all ages. The muppet proclaims she doesn’t need a trip to the beauty shop, because she loves what she’s got on top.

She goes on to sing, “Wear a clippy or in a bow, or let it sit in an afro. My hair looks good in a cornrow. It does so many things; you know that’s why I let it grow.” Doing so while showing off her natural hair with several accessories and hairstyles, such as an afro, cornrows, twists, and an updo. She finishes this verse with “I love my hair. I love my hair. I want to make the world aware I love my hair.” Who wouldn’t think this is a positive message?


Don’t need a trip to the beauty shop,
’cause I love what I got on top.
It’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there!
You know what I love? That’s right, my hair!
I really love my hair.
I love my hair. I love my hair.
There’s nothing else that can compare with my hair.
I love my hair, so I must declare:
I really, really, really love my hair.
Wear a clippy or in a bow
Or let it sit in an afro
My hair looks good in a cornrow
It does so many things you know, that’s why I let it grow
I love my hair, I love my hair
I love it and I have to share
I love my hair, I love my hair!
I want to make the world aware I love my hair.
I wear it up. I wear down. I wear it twisted all around.
I wear braids and pigtails too.
I love all the things my hair can do.
In barrettes or flying free, ever perfect tresses you’ll see
My hair is part of me, an awesome part of me
I really love my hair!

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  • S.

    On the other hand…

    I just took a look at this video and the comments are atrocious! Who the hell would thumbs up this comment..

    MUJAHIDEEN7860 –
    “its funny a white man came up with this idea sadly its non blacks who have to tell black people to love themselves”

    It’s this type of ignorant ish that pisses me off our society!

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  • Lauren

    You bringing up Oprah and O.J. is a classic example of derailment that had NOTHING to do with the point and you just obviously HAD to get that off your chest and any old excuse will do!! You don’t seem however too put off by the fact that there are countless insatnces of white cops who are NOT rich getting away with killing innocent,unarmed black people. How much cash money you want to bet that NEVER happens in reverse that comes from DUH systematic oppression based racism! And what the hell did you expect anyway?! What you call racism from blacks I call Karma bitting you in the big fat ass!! The fact you don’t like getting a taste of your own medicine should be of little concern or consequence to who you are getting it from.

    • Emelyne

      I did not bring up O.J. and Oprah to “derail” anything or get something off my chest. I brought them up as an example of how racism, not oppression, still exist in America. %0 years ago, regardless of money, OJ would have been hung and Oprah would have never had a hit show. Yes, I am aware (obviously) that white cops are killing innocent people, but again that is racism because it it their status as a cop that gives them such power and if that black person had enough power/brains/money, those cops would pay. Let’s not pretend that blacks do not commit hate crimes toward whites by calling it “karma”. Racism is racism and crime is crime. By your logic, women should be killing men for our foremothers years of oppression and it’d be their “karma”. Also, as I pointed out to Sloane, racism can exist with no white people present. I never said that oppression did not exist, merely that racism and oppression are not the same thing. Whites needing to get a “taste of their own medicine” is also completely ludicrous because present day whites had nothing to do with slavery and it it currently blacks that commit the most crimes towards blacks, all while living in a country where education (if not opportunity) is available. That’s true oppression to me. No one owes anyone anything except respect and we cannot blame an entire nation for individual, past actions. Black people as a whole need to move on, better ourselves with knowledge and stop blaming whites and deflecting. Obviously, you are the one who needs to get something off your chest.

    • Emelyne

      *50 years ago

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