Spanish fashion powerhouse, Mango, is following suit with the slew of international companies (Zara, Topshop, etc.) that have decided to develop an American consumer base. Already a leading retailer worldwide, Mango has a presence in over 100 countries across the globe. They’ve recently partnered up with J.C. Penny to be a featured in-store designer, alongside the likes of Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins.

“MNG” by Mango will provide a higher end shop-within-a-shop experience for style savvy consumers. The line will be a full contemporary offering of casual women’s sportswear, career attire, handbags, shoes, and other various accessories. Keeping with the J.C. Penny target market, prices will be affordable with shirts, for example, ranging from $10 to $20. More intricate garments, such as certain coats and shoes, will be priced on the higher side of $60 to $160.

MNG by Mango is now available online at and will be in 77 stores nationwide this Fall. If all goes well, that number is expected to skyrocket to 600 in-store shops by 2011! We shall soon see how well everything goes.

Have you checked out the line yet? If so, what do you think?

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  • sloane

    this is weird, since there are already mango stores in america including their website. this would be like if zara or h&m did a collection at jcpenny. not to mention that mango is not really that expensive. is this really necessary?

  • Bronze

    I don’t understand the saturation of a brand that is easily assessable unlike Zara, which does not have a online presence in America but in Slovenia, Mango is not hip like it was 5 years ago. The store in San Francisco Union Square is a stand alone across the street from Banana Republic does great but knowing that it has collaborated with JCPenny makes me wonder if they are going to close their stores nationwide.

  • Bianca

    Well….from what I can tell you, I shop at JCP to save, not spend more. The price tag for what most JCP customers are willing to pay will not sit well…and will probably be available at a cheaper price than what they are offering. The MNG display is gorgeous, but I highly doubt the average JCP customer will pay the price. Here in Houston, I’ve seen most women walk through…play with the clothing, but not make a purchase.

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