Supermodel Naomi Campbell is sounding off that the editor-in-chief of an undisclosed Australian fashion magazine was fired after putting her on the cover, according to reports.

Naomi tells the Telegraph, “One time, I went to Australia, the editor-in-chief of a magazine told me that she got fired for putting me on the cover. I do remember going there and saying, ‘Where’s the Aboriginal model? There should be one. They’re beautiful women.'”

The catwalk veteran has long been vocal about racism in the fashion industry. In 2007, Naomi joined forces with former model and agency owner, Bethann Hardison, regarding the absence of Black models on runways and in print fashion ads, sparking a sweeping global discussion on the issue.

The Telegraph says Naomi doesn’t reveal the editor in question, but continues to speak out about continued racism in fashion.

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  • Good for her for having the guts to keep calling this out. It’s disgusting and as much as we spend on fashion, we need to start calling these fashion magazines and fashion houses out on this BS.

  • I wonder which Magazine that was.

  • Bronze

    I’m all for fighting for human rights but when are we going to say f*ck you and start our own international glossy instead of waiting for the WWH (world wide haters) to have some kind of magical conversion.

    • lol I’ve been saying this along. even if these magazines start to place more models of various ethnicities on covers it doesn’t mean that black women, asian women, indian women etc will have ownership of these magazines or provide new jobs for women of the same nationalities etc . We have to learn how to create our “own” magazines etc