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  • Elle Michelle

    Great photo! Nia looks gorgeous as always!

  • Bianca

    Nia Long is GORGEOUS, but I do not agree with this photo. It doesn’t mimic the original.

  • sloane

    nia looks great, but i agree with others, its way too different from the original.

  • Nia doesn’t nail this one for me. Nia looks like she’s frowing. Maybe the sun was in her eyes or something

  • Nicole Day

    Nia looks beautiful as usual but I don’t think she captures Dorothy Dandridge at all. I’m not sure what criteria was used but I think either Beyonce or Paula Patton would have been a better choice. I know some people don’t like Beyonce but her facial features and skin tone are more in line with Dandridge’s to mimic the original photo…just my opinion though.