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  • Melody

    WHY?! What is he doing! What is wrong with his life!
    This man annoys me to the utmost UGH! What’s wrong with his life? Seriously..

  • FauxBLAsian

    Don’t blame Lenny! He’s a rock star and although I don’t agree with all his wardrobe choices, the man is hot. Anywho, as for Puffy, the man is a fool. Point black. He has no particular talents and his label is lackluster. He annoys me as well. Puff, please pass the mike! And give the kilt back to the Irishmen you took it from.

    • Melody

      Lmao, Scottish men.

      I agree with your comment. He has to be the most annoying thing on earth.. ugh

  • please don’t blame Lenny! Diddy just needs to disappear!

  • Lyoness

    Well… He WAS in Scotland…

    I’m sorry but Lenny was wrong for that ensemble a few weeks back. Dead wrong.

  • Me27

    This is perfectly fine for Scotland…but he better not bring that kilt state-side!