A new parody of President Barack Obama has hit the Web, causing a stir and wide debate. The YouTube video, “Baracka Flacka Flames – Head of the State,” remixes Wacka Flacka’s “Hard in the Paint” track and shows a gangsta version of the president rapping around in an urban Black community. According to the YouTube description, the clip was produced and edited by Martin Usher and James Davis of Live That Life Productions. The clip has generated over 700,000 total viewers and nearly 4,000 comments.

Comments range from disappointment to laughter. Some viewers are simply not surprised.

One comment reads, “I think its great that African Americans are getting pissed at this video because ironically . . . this is what I see when I happen to stop by BET’s ‘106th & Park.’ This is what our youth see on a daily basis while watching BET and other networks on TV. It’s definitely exaggerated in this video but not too far from what’s actually played on TV. Maybe this will bring some much needed attention to what networks are providing for our youth.”

Another commenter says the parody is genius. “You find this amusing because it inserts someone who contrasts the Black American stereotype? The Black community should be disgusted with how it’s portrayed.”

Some commenting viewers say people should chill. “People act like it’s actually Obama doing the making of this or even had anything to do with it. He didn’t. People been doing parodies like this for years. Even shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘MAD TV.’ ” The commenter says, “It’s comedy so chill, enjoy or don’t watch.”

What do you think about this President Obama parody? Offensive or no big deal? Sound off!

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  • Kamora

    It’s not that serious & parodies have been made of many presidents before Obama, just because Obama is black doesn’t mean he’s off limits. I mean some rap videos look like this and sound like this so get over it.
    There are horrible things going on around the world that people should be mad about, not this simple ass video.

    P.S. – It was actually funny.

  • cds07c

    wow i guess some people never watch mad tv or snl..i think it was effin hilarious.. i also think the Bush parodies were funny. its not like Obama would ever act like this so why is everyone so uptight? i mean he did go on John Stewart, did they not poke fun at him there? lighten up people, dont take it seriously!!

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  • Felicia

    Personally, I think the video is quite hilarious. What happened to laughing at ourselves? If I was white guy impersonating Obama singing this song (no n-word) it would be some huge blow out event. NAACP would be involved, people would boycott black crayons, just really excessive stuff. I think its funny. Like someone else mentioned, Dave Chappelle totally did Black Bush and it was one of his funniest skits. Also, deep down, I think everyone (at least all blacks), kinda wish and hope that one day Barack would just snap for a second and say “I’m the muthaf*^# president, bitches!” and return back to his normal composure.

    I’m just sayin!

    • no way!

      forgive me if I don’t laugh. um what happened to also having respect for ourselves too.. I don’t know maybe I’m just old skool’ but this/ that video is not who we are. When I grew up we didn’t act like that, we weren’t throwing the N word around, are women were not OK with just being just “my niggas hoochie,” We did not turn our backs on the FEW leaders we had, we did not sensationalize police brutality, standing on the block being uneducated was not acceptable. Our parents made us respect one another..and you say …”What happened to laughing at ourselves”—Felicia. If you think that is who you are then you have just put yourself down and don’t even realize. No baby, pick up a history book, bing it, google it, ask your elders, whatever.. Just find out who you really are! Its not that crap in the video joke or not.

    • Felicia

      Okay no way. Please step off your pedestal. I’m totally pro-education, the uplifting and the advancement of our culture; however, that video is not the embodiment of the African-American race. Its a parody of our President, whom I love by the way. The video is not a representation of the African American culture. Unfortunately, some blacks are represented in the video, accurately, I completely understand that that is not who we are as a race. It was not meant to be a political statement nor was it meant to galvanize racism. When I wrote “what happened to laughing at ourselves” I didnt mean laughing at the very sad, uneducated, not wanting to do anything but party, individuals (because really that is a population of the African American culture that is prominent in the media). I meant, “look, its a guy making a very stupid impersonation of our president.”

      I appreciate your response though. I know who I am and I know what I represent. Not every thing is a socio-economic fight or plight toward racism.

      So, sweetie, relax. Sit back and laugh.

  • Emelyne

    Freaking’ hilarious!!!