• The song and vid is just okay. But havent we all seen this before. They look like 4 ciara clones.

    • Serenity

      OMG YES THEY DO!!!!!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING THAT I JUST COULDN’T PUT MY HANDS ON!!!!!!! They make me miss the hell out of Destiny’s Child though.

  • secret ninja

    i…actually liked this. give them a chance, with a few exceptions, the r+b world is pretty much grasping at straws now.

  • Crystal

    I love Richgirl, looking forward to their cd and I loved the song, the video is ok, but ooh that was A LOT of fake hair!!!!!!

  • Broms

    Their debut album should be out sometime next year..there’s no denying this is a hott video! I think they’ll come out with fire on their next album, it’ll be dope to have a talented group of girls out there since Danity Kane kinda fell off the scene.