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  • Cece

    Love love love the video! But not so much the song

  • I LOVE this song AND the video! Although I have to admit that the song had to grow on me at first! :)

    • NIre

      Yea the song really had to grow on me but I totally love it now.

  • teej

    1. um, ronald mcdonald, much!?
    2. the screaming?!
    3. poor girl riding her last 3 seconds of fame. thank goodness for matt kemp and that MLB long paper
    4. the “dancing”!?

  • I love this song only because she sounds (and looks) so happy. After Rated R (which I did like) which was clearly a lot darker… it’s nice to see her smiling. I’m not a huge fan of the hair (I liked it better in “Love The Way You Lie”) but I think that she’s allowed to experiment with different styles.

    In terms of the singing, she’s never been amazing in my mind. It was only until “Good Girl Gone Bad” that I grew to like her; her voice used to grate on me before. I think she’s working well with what she’s got. :)

  • Canden Webb

    video: yes.
    song: no.