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  • Monique


  • Terri

    I listened to her whole new album and it’s utter crap. It’s something completely on the other side of the spectrum from her other cd. I think she got too eager to push out another album. Some stuff you have to let marinate.

    with that being said, I like this song. I think the video helped a lot.

  • zy

    While I like Shontelle (Bajan sistren)… I’m so over hearing women singing songs about being abused/ill-treated and sticking around to take it…

    • Agreed.

    • agoddis

      I thought she sounded like rihanna…yes…this is shit…

  • Toya

    uhhh….not impressed

  • Song Message, vocals and video suck… with the Beyonce’s, Jill Scott’s, Sade’s out there she HAS to give MORE than average… smh.