• Alexandra

    She looks great! I love her more and more. She dares to wear the ‘controversial headwrap’ at an event.
    She doesn’t conform much anymore. I like that.

  • Brie

    She looks like she just came put the shower and towel drying her hair.the scarf ruined it.

  • AJ

    The wrap was the + factor for me

  • Me27

    Solange is definitely getting flyer as she gets older. I no longer see her as Beyonce’s annoying kid sister. Imo, she stands on her own now.

  • Cassandra

    That wrap just made the outfit for me. And the simplicity of the rest of the outfit just makes the wrap stand out that much more. For me, the only thing that would have made it better is a brightly colored clutch just to break up the black and white.