T.I. appeared in an Atlanta court yesterday, October 15th where a federal judge sentenced the acclaimed rapper to 11 months in the prison. The 30 year-old rapper was sentenced on his violation of the terms of his supervised release, according to reports.

Many feel the acclaimed artist received a fair sentence considering the prosecution aimed for two years. T.I. pleaded with the judge to lessen his sentence and instead, help him on his drug addiction.

In September, T.I. was arrested after police discovered drugs on him and new wife Tameka “Tiny Cottle during a traffic stop. The couple’s immediate arrest promoted yesterday’s hearing.

Police documents obtained by media outlets says the rapper tested positive for opiates and was in possession of Ecstasy. T.I. was also associated with a felon, who was present in his car during the arrest, according to reports.

T.I. was placed on a strict probation after he was released from his nine-month sentence on purchasing illegal firearms.

TMZ says T.I. has two weeks to turn himself in to authorities.

What do you think about T.I.’s sentence? Fair or not? Sound off!

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  • Ms. Mango

    I guess no matter how much money you can have some folks will always be a repeat offender. Feel sorry for his kids ’cause he just came home.

  • Lauren

    Then how is he ANY different than the Lindsays,Brittanys or Paris Hilton oh right they are pretty young rich and most importantly blond so no need to bash them right?!!

    • Margaret

      I think the difference is T.I. was a convicted felon when he got that plea agreement. The agreement was very generous. Unfortunately when you’re on paper”you have to watch yourself and he got caught up. He’s lucky they didn’t hit him with a lot more time. Hopefully he can get the substance out of his life and get back to doing what we love to see him do.

    • zy

      why are we always looking to compare ourselves and our people to others? T.I. committed a crime, after just getting out of jail AND already having an extensive record. I could give a shit what Lindsay, Paris or anyone else who doesn’t look like me and mine has done. They could snort themselves into a coma, it makes no difference to me because they are not my people. Period. T.I. has a bunch of children who will now be without their dad for another 11 months. As a father, as a black man, he knew what he was doing was WRONG, period. he also knows there is no excuse for his bullshit. period. he’s actually lucky he got the time he did. were he not in the position he’s in publicly, he would have gone to jail for much longer and had his probation revoked entirely. period. Comparing him to others is irrelevant because he’s NOT THEM. he’s a black man in America where this type of shit would most certainly get him locked under the jail were he not in the position to pay his way out of a more severe judgment. let’s not even talk about his wife, who being a mother, should DAMN WELL know better to have been involved in this type of shit as well. Lindsay and Paris be damned, neither of them has kids, these 2 morons do.

  • Alexandra

    This happened way too fast. He’s right back where he started.
    He needs to change his lifestyle.

  • Dag!

    Being a Hip Hop child…these motherf******* be tesing me because I’ve always wanted to see playas overcome, get a grip and go on to do good.

    I’ve always been initially inclined to root for them (T.I. would have been included) if the background was not that of drug dealer (poisoning your own people) or spitting the most vile of misogynistic lyrics. I absolutely refuse to be misguided and stupidly overlook what’s real to co-sign, excuse or rubber stamp merely because of race.

    If you do stupid sh!t…you will/should be called out on it. Tip had every chance (so any whine alleging racism or “it’s because he’s black” rhetoric has no merit).

    At this point all I gotta say to him is…

    “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!”

    ….big dummy!

  • Clnmike

    11 months? Dude is still lucky.