Last Saturday, Antonia Carter (of the “Tiny and Toya” reality show) celebrated the private grand opening of her new clothing store. GARB Boutique is a speciality store located in New Orleans that provides affordably-priced options in women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. There is even a portion of the store called “Toya’s Closet,” where shoppers can purchase items directly pulled from Toya’s personal wardrobe.

News of the store isn’t too farfetched, because, as you all may remember, Toya expressed a keen interest in fashion during the last season of “Tiny and Toya.” She did a few wardrobe styling gigs, sought out a fashion design mentor, and is also close friends with Kandi—whose Atlanta boutique TAGS has done very well. So we’re sure Toya will have great support and guidance in this new venture.

For those of you in the New Orleans area, go check out GARB (which Toya describes as being “a distinct form of fashion”) at 2108 Magazine Street. For the rest of us, the online store is currently in the works, so hold tight. Congrats, Toya, and best wishes to you!

Photos Courtesy of Joi Pearson

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  • Melody


    Okay then Toya.

    Smh. Again, I ask why?

  • binks

    Live in New Orleans and I can say for certain that I won’t be going there. But do your thing anyway Toya

  • Luckie

    Congratz to Toya,it looks like shes on her own feet now doing her own thang.BEST OF LUCK GIRL:)

    • Luckie

      i still think she shoudlve opened up a salon instead

  • pamela donaldson

    Congrats Toya!