It’s no secret that we’re big proponents of investing in quality weaves. But we’re even bigger proponents of having options and choosing what works best for you. After doing some digging (and based of our personal experience), we’ve rounded up some of the best weave brands and distributors. There’s something for everyone.



What it is . . .

Remy hair is considered the top of the line in human hair because the cuticles are kept intact. Maintaining the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in the same direction (from cuticle to root) creates the most natural look. Virgin remy hair is hair that has not been chemically treated (colored, permed, etc.).


Lines that do it best . . .

Bohyme:  Get more bang for your buck! Made from 100% remy hair, Bohyme will last you for up to 3 applications (up to 9 months). The hair is examined strand by strand to ensure that the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction in order to reduce tangling and shedding. They also check that the strands lie from root to tip so that the movement of the weave mimics the natural movement of hair.

Wagman’s Hair: The perfect resource for hand-selected virgin remy hair that’s completely unaltered with premium wefts sold by the bulk. Their Premium Perfectress Hair line is treated with a Micro Polymer Cross Linking treatment in order to prevent tangling and Perma Moisture treatment so the hair will not become dry.

Extensions Plus:  They specialize in the finest grades of European Hair, Italian Hair, and Indian Remi Hair, and have great “relaxed texture” options that replicate chemically straightened hair. Most of their orders are custom made and are based on specific client needs.



What it is . . .

Also called “fallen hair,” non-remy hair is the most popular and commonly available form of weaves. The roots and tips of hairs are in different directions and, as a result, tangling can be a problem. If you’re on a budget and looking for a short-term weave, non-remy hair is the way to go.


Lines that do it best . . .

MilkyWay by Shake-N-Go: A broad selection of 100% human hair products that include weaves, bulks, and more! There are over 150 styles and 150 colors to choose from.

ModelModel: Great wet and wavy options at a price you’ll love. We recommend sealing the wefts with a product like Stop Fray to reduce shedding.


What it is . . .

Synthetic hair is made of a variety of different synthetic fibers like monofilament, polyester, and silicone. It’s an alternative to human hair weaves.


Lines that do it best . . .

Batik by Outre: You’ll have everyone fooled with this natural looking synthetic style. Called a “premium multi blend,” Batik synthetic hair is washable and retains its original curl pattern and softness. It’s also non-flammable, curled with a hot water curling technique.

Kanubia by Sensationnel: Higher quality synthetic hair that is soft to the touch and easy to manage. It’s smooth and longer lasting than most synthetic brands.

What are your go-to weave brands?

-Audra E. Lord

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  • ms_micia

    Ummm hmmm. I think weave buying and applying is just like everything else with us, there’s this elitism with Remy like its the end all be all. Sometime that quality of hair doesnt blend well with black hair. Ive seen it look good, I’ve seen it look bad. It last longer, and if your a long term weave wearer then it’s worth the money but ummmm…each of us is unique with our unique $$ range. And as some of you pishaw synthetic and non-Remy hair I’ll tell you I have half synthetic (cuz it was cheaper for length in the back it handles heat and curls well) and half non-Remy and it rivals any ALL Remy ‘do I’ve seen. Ill send you pics if your doubtful. I do my hair myself and am very diligent about what I buy but I think that’s more trial and error than just “this is better than this”. Everyone’s different, and there are too many different brands to just talk about one or a couple. I like Outre but have tried some that aren’t all that. Just DO YOU, get a good stylist, that’s more important that hair quality sometimes. SOMETIMES. Here’s a rule of thumb: What does your hair look or feel like relaxed or straightened, get hair that feels that way it’ll blend better. For full cap, get what fits the expected style and how long you plan on keeping it in. *side note: You can EFF up any type of weave by not taking care of it, aka wrapping it at night, YES you can wrap your hair with weave in it, yes even a cap weave, or making sure you keep a bonnet or curler/rollers in it while you sleep. Treat it like you would your hair and you’ll be fine.

  • Yeah this list isn’t really all that. lol. I’ve actually just tried this new brand called Boldly Gorgeous. You can purchase their hair here: http://boldlygorgeous.com

    They have remy hair and it must be good quality if I had my real hair out at work on Friday (it’s shoulder length) and came back on Monday with a full weave and no one knew the difference (my weave is apl)…lol.

    I’ve gotten alot of compliments. And it hasn’t shedded like other companies I’ve used in the past. You should check them out, especially since it’s a company founded by 2 black men (fine as hell might I add…lol)!

  • This is an Important update for Perfectress® premium Remy human hair users.
    Wagman Hair closes down on 30 September 2014.
    Perfectress® Premium Remy Human Hair is now available online from the original manufacturer Perfectress International Ltd Hong Kong.
    Visit perfectress-premiumhair.com and order now straight from the factory.