A Denim Story


Once upon time, sometime last season, when you walked into the nearest boutique, the only selection of denim that you saw were pairs and pairs of skinny jeans. If you wanted a good “wide leg,” a “boyfriend,” and maybe even a “boot-cut,” you were simply out of luck! This season it’s a different storyline with all new characters! Mr. Skinny Jean himself has now taken a backseat to his comfy co-stars. This season’s looser cut jeans not only allow us to breathe a little more, but also are the key to being fashionable. It’s time to break out a fresh silhouette this Fall.

The Wide Leg—A pair of wide leg trousers provides a classic chic look that allows you to dress up any casual outfit. Pairing it with a fitted top to balance out your loose-fitted bottom is a perfect way to outline your waist. The amount that you play with the width of your trousers depends on your body type. The more height you possess, the wider you’re jeans can be. A shorter woman with more of a curve will want to do a more narrow wide leg to balance out her curves.

Boyfriend Jean—Even though they’re called your “boyfriend” jeans, they have a playfully feminine look. A versatile selection for pairing with a pair of Converse for a day in the park, or a fitted blazer and an eye-catching heel, the bf jeans is the definition of comfort chic! Even though it’s a baggy style, fit is still vital. They still should be fitted enough for you to not have to wear a belt. Rolling them up 2-3 times from the ankle also allows for your shoes not to get lost in the length.

Boot Cut—“Blast from the Past.” These were all the rage a couple of years ago and in the early part of the millennium. Now this slim-fitting cut is making a slight come back. If you’re leaning towards a slimmer style, but don’t want to squeeze back in the skinny’s, try out the boot cut. If you’re bottom-heavy, this cut is a good style for embracing your curves. Giving you a classic look, the boot cut is a great choice if you want to show off a great pair of shoes.

This season create your own denim story. Personalize your collection with jeans that work best with your body type and simply rock it well!

– Ellisa Oyewo

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  • I live in boot cut, and wide leg. I’m not into the boyfriend jean… it diminishes the booty

    • AptLife

      IA with this, even my work pants are wide leg. I guess your figure comes into play with which jeans you favor, regardless of what’s “in”. I still buy “flares” if I like the way they fit and look.

      And yes about the bf jean making the booty disappear. no bueno

  • Orange Star Happy Hunting

    I do all styles and cuts, always have, even before they given trendy new titles like “boyfriend” etc

  • I was a lil shy about the BF jean until I found the perfect fitting pair. It was low slung on the hip, well fitted in the booty/thigh area & free flowing from the knee down. It has the right about of wear/tear & I LOVED em!!!
    I rock a skinny jean w/sexy heels when I go out at night *DarkDenim* and during the day rock it w/flats. I LOVE bootcut w/BOOTS of course :)
    Wear your jeans, don’t let your jeans wear you!! !PopStyle!

  • binks

    I love my boot cut jeans! I haven’t try bf jeans and I have some wide legs in my collection. But I would love to try skinny jeans but never did because I’ am a bit curvier on the bottom so I don’t think they would look right on me

  • Melody

    Absolutely hate boot-cut jeans and flat shoes. I love a long boot-cut jean with some killer heels. I am really into the 70’s look right now, pair the jeans up with an ugly floral pattern blouse, sexy clutch, and you’re good. I also love wide leg, they are just chic. Look amazing with a chunky heel. Boyfriend for a lazy day or for a playful girlie look, yup. Skinny is the all time great though… any time, any occasion, a skinny will do the job.