As far as we’re concerned, a full night’s sleep is a modern-day fairytale. Eight hours?! Right!  Try four and a half. But there are products on the market, now more so than ever, that promise to help busy individuals finally achieve a good night’s rest. reBloom is one of the main contenders. reBloom is a self-proclaimed “beauty sleep” beverage that you consume thirty minutes to an hour prior to going to bed for better sleep and a more refreshed feeling in the morning. It’s an all natural product, that’s safe and free of any drugs, preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners.  reBloom’s active ingredients include valerian root (an ancient herbal sleep remedy), L-Theanine (one of the key amino acids in green tea), Melatonin (a compound that controls our body’s sleep/wake cycle), and calming herbs such as chamomile and lavender. And what’s even better? Each serving has only 5 calories. The drink is a bit pricier than counting sheep, though. A 7-pack of 2.5oz bottles retails for $27.95.

Thus far the product has received really good reviews, with many people reporting the ability to fall asleep faster, stay sleep at least thirty minutes longer without distraction, and a more refreshed feeling in the morning. But is a week of quality sleep truly worth $30? The verdict is still up in the air . . .

Is this a product you’d try?

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