The love lost between artists Christina Milian and The-Dream came with a lot of zeros. Not long after mega-producer and rapper, The-Dream, was spotted with a random woman on the beach who later turned out to be his assistant and Christina’s friend, a divorce was in proceedings. Now the Chicago Sun-Times reports that a court awarded singer-actress, Christina Milian, with a $4 million settlement.

But that’s not all. The-Dream is ordered to make a one-time cash payment to Milian and an additional $5,000 per month for child support for the former couple’s cutesy little girl, Violet.

Surprisingly the entire divorce was hush-hush, unlike public scandals that exploded all over the Web. The-Dream’s own open letters and Christina’s tweets ushered their business into a social media frenzy. And just when you thought Christina walks off scotch free, in return for her settlement, the starlet has been ordered not to speak a word publicly about her marriage.

Christina has announced plans to release an album in 2011. Seems there will be no tell-all book and reality show toting the deets about her failed marriage.

What do you think about Christina’s $4 Million settlement? Sound off!

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  • gwen morgan

    why get married?

  • Sorry, but I don’t see what there is to smile about. Yes, he cheated and deserves to be punished for that, but I wouldn’t want his money out of pride. Child support, of course, but nowhere near five thousand a month, especially for a baby. It’s sickening how these women pay their bills off their children. If you want lots of money a year, EARN IT.

    • Jencendiary

      I don’t agree. When you abdicate your responsibility for your family, there should be a penalty. She is raising his child without a paternal influence. This will necessarily cut into her business time & opportunities. The settlement & child support are compensation for the crucial work of parenting when one of the biological parents is a cheating, running-off goon.

  • Isis

    4 million isn’t a lot but they weren’t married that long and how rich is he?? He’s a producer/artist, he doesn’t own the record company. That’s a pretty good amount