The Chris Brown progress report is in. The performer’s Los Angeles judge, Patricia Schnegg, declares, “Of all probationers I’ve ever had—and I’ve had thousands of probationers, no one has ever done a better or more consistent job than you have.” Many of us would have never guessed that a judge would tell the 21-year-old singer this after he was sentenced in February 2009 for the battery of pop sensation, Rihanna.

The “Deuces” star showed up for his regular progress hearing on Thursday, November 18. TMZ was on hand, streaming the entire hearing live while Schnegg praised Brown for a job well done leading up to the second year of his five-year probation sentence.

Brown was also required to perform 180 days of community labor, of which he completed 581 hours, and to attend domestic-violence counseling, which the judge reveals he only has seven more sessions to complete. He was also issued a stay-away order by Judge Schnegg, barring him from communicating or associating with Rihanna, which remains in effect.

It seems Brown’s darker days are worlds behind him. The judge commended him publicly. “I really want to commend you for taking responsibility, and for actually working diligently to complete all of the things the court has required of you.” Judge Schnegg continues, “You’ve done a very good job.”

But what say the people? Brown’s heartfelt performance at the 2010 “BET Awards” prompted fans and critics alike to reconsider the Virginia native as human, rather than a woman-beating monster. His chart-topping “Deuces” single is certainly a confirmation of the singer-dancer’s unfolding redemption. His videos top television count-downs, and his club-ready single and video, “Yeah 3X,” recently premiered.

Are bygones officially bygones when it comes to Chris Brown’s once violent and damaging behavior? Has the singer made a legitimate turn around? You be the judge!

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