Last night saw the Democrats lose big in the midterm elections. From coast to coast, angry voters showed their disapproval with the party in power, and sent a message to President Obama: We want change.

Although the Democrats held onto the Senate by a slim margin, the G.O.P., fueled by an energized Tea Party contingent, took control of the House of Representatives and several key Governors’ seats.

Newly elected senator, Rand Paul, proclaimed that his victory, and those of other Republicans, were the result of voters reclaiming their country. In his victory speech Mr. Paul said, “We’ve come to take our government back. They say that the U.S. Senate is the world’s most deliberative body. I’m going to ask them to deliberate on this: The American people are unhappy with what’s going on in Washington.”

The news wasn’t all bad for Dems. Democrats held off Tea Party-backed candidates in Delaware and West Virginia. They were also able to hold onto Speaker Harry Reid’s seat in Nevada, despite Reid being drastically outspent by his opponent and being unpopular with his constituents.

Both political parties spared no expense in this election. The New York Times reports that this was “the most expensive midterm election campaign in the nation’s history, with spending that was approaching $4 billion.”

This election, like 2008, was also the epitome of dirty politics. Negative ads that pandered to racial stereotypes and spewed outright lies filled the airwaves. Voters will get a brief reprieve from the onslaught of campaign ads, but don’t get too used to it. Electioneering for the 2012 elections begins . . . now.

With the country increasingly polarized along party lines, President Obama will have a tough time getting his legislative agenda through Congress.

“If we’ve got Republicans in charge,” President Obama said, “they will want to dictate the terms of those compromises. That means their desire to roll back health care reform, which they’ve already announced, or their desire to roll back financial regulatory reform, which they’ve already announced, that’s going to be their agenda. They’re going to try to move that forward” (source).

The past two years have been filled with political gridlock, partisan bickering, angry voters and some of the worst economic conditions since the 1930s. I am hopeful that the newly elected Congress will find a way to work together and seriously deal with the tough issues facing our country. But I won’t hold my breath.

As Maureen Dowd commented in her spot-on New York Times Op-Ed piece, “God help the Republic.”

What do you think of the election results? Do you think Republicans and Democrats will buckle down and work together or will it be politics as usual continue?

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  • Clnmike

    Clinton ran into the same problems and still managed to complete two terms and get some laws through, I think Obama will be fine.

  • Gigi Young

    Why hasn’t CLUTCH spoken about the history made by Allen West and Tim Scott? Or the re-election of David Scott (who voted for Obama’s healthcare plan and had a swastika spray painted at his office)? Or the history possibly made by Jennifer Carroll? Is this yet another website claiming to be for African-Americans, but really only for those of a particular political color?

    • MW

      ** snaps **
      People become way too absorbed (politicians included) in party affiliations. In general, too few examine the parties which they back, with the sort of ‘Black is Democrat’ mantra.
      Really, we should concern ourselves less with what it means for the individual parties and worry more with what each elected official now means for his or her congressional arena.

    • Good Point!

      We profiled African-American Republicans back in June, http://clutchmagonline.com/lifeculture/feature/black-republicans-delusional-or-trendsetters/, and will be working on covering this issue soon.

      Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  • Tiffy

    I wanna make a call to all Americans with common sense and especially minorities, to brainstorm in our communities, with our friends, families, and co-workers ways to stop the racist Republican/Tea Party agenda that has the potential to destroy our country’s values and push white supremacy to allow them to achieve and keep power over all of us regardless of race,class,orientation and gender.This election has been a disaster, the Republican Party and the Tea Party from the beginning has been out to tear down our president for the simple fact that he is a black man in charge and for a historic moment in our history as a country put the majority of our country on the path to forward thinking and change for ALL! Americans. Never in modern times can I remember such intense smear campaigns against a president. The reason why we are in the mess in the first place is because of the republican policies and former president Bush. Our president has only tried to put policies into effect that will improve lives for all Americans in the near future which entailed reversing and counteracting old policies that aren’t benefiting our country and cleaning up the mess he inherited from Bush. He has had to do all this while the republican party has done nothing but jam him up and criticize him every step of the way without giving any real solutions. Their actions have only prolonged our countries recovery. The real issue I personally have is they have used the ignorance of most Americans, to the goings on of politics and past policies to confuse us and take advantage during a stressful and complicated time for our country. They have convinced the impressionable white American middle class, of many who have little exposure and understanding other communities and cultures, compared to people of urban areas especially minorities, that our American President is the enemy. They are putting a magnifying glass on and appealing to deep seeded, yet minor stereotypical ignorance and racist attributions of the average white American,(“Obamacare”, return to normal taxes for the wealthier, questioning his citizenship, claims he’s a Muslim, claims of socialism, etc), to rebuild support and obtain power again and white America is falling right into it. The conservatives (Republicans and Tea Party) are trying to incite fear and discrimination against a religion with over a billion followers because of the actions of a few and shun the president for not following suit.If things continue down this road the repercussions with undoubtedly lead our country back into a place of open hostility, discrimination, and prejudice all to achieve steady power over the American people. Like we did in 2008 we need to again band together as a country to stop this threat and continue our evolution forward as the best country in the world.