Half-Shaven heads, 80’s chains, and studded belts are just some of the trends that have been thrown our way in every direction. We are constantly bombarded by people telling us what to wear and why we should wear it. The key is to act as a filter when it comes to your style and how you can personalize trends to fit your mold. Not each major trend is set for every personality, attitude, or background. Here are a few tips on how to define your style . . .

Pick & Choose—You have every right to be picky about what you place on your body. Numerous trends come out and now it’s your job to see what fits for your personality and body type. When a trend comes out, see how you feel in it and see if you truly like it. If you feel comfortable in it and you look fly, add it to your closet, if not keep it moving—you’re just as fly without it.

Have your Staple Pieces—Yes, trends are fun, but your entire closet should not be filled with them. Have staple pieces that are your go-to signature pieces, and keep your trends to spice it up every once in a while. You don’t want to not have a sense of style and have trends dictate everything you purchase. Trends also tell time, throwing them out and starting again every season can not only be annoying but pricey as well. It’s better to invest in classic pieces that can roll over season after season.

Comfort equals Confidence—It does not matter if you rock the latest trend or a paper bag, the main key to unlocking your style is confidence! Your style should radiate confidence and comfort. Style is not only dealing with what you put on your body, but a combination of your actions, attitude and spirit.

Your style acts as a billboard that gives the world a sneak peak of you. Why send the same message as the rest of the world? Take the trends and remix your style. Do not worry necessarily about what is in for the season, just rock what you love. People can instantly tell whether you are forcing yourself to fit into a certain mold or if you are creating it for yourself. It’s time to figure out your style and define your style!

-Ellisa Oyewo

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