Fit Fashion


I’m realizing that more and more companies are not just encouraging us to stay fit for the summer months, but are also transitioning into the winter months as well. During the summer I’ve seen women sporting different forms of the shape-up tennis shoes and flip flops. But I was on the train the other day and saw an ad that displayed winter boots with the shape up effect. I’ ve talked to a couple of women who have tried these kicks out,  and they said their butt, thighs and calves were sore from wearing them. Women have said they are both convenient and worth the pain because of great results.

If you wear these 30 minutes a day, you will be able to see a difference in your physique after awhile. Two of the main companies that have launched these fit fashion shoes are, Skecher’s Shape Ups and Fit Flops.

So ladies what are your thoughts, are these “Fit Shoes” stylish enough for you to sneak in your wardrobe?

– Ellisa Oyewo

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