Sometimes there’s so much going on that it’s easy to miss it. With 24-hour news cycles, blogs, and Twitter popping off at all hours, it’s no wonder that we all can’t keep up. But fear not, Clutchettes, we’re here to help you cut through the noise and get to some interesting happenings around the web.

Kanye vs. The Today Show. #ImaLetYouFinishBut: Fresh off being shouted out by President Bush about his comments at the Hurricane Katrina relief telecast five years ago, Kanye West is once again making headlines, not for his album, but for his outbursts. If you haven’t heard, former president, George Bush, appeared on “The Today Show” this week to publicize his new memoir, and told Matt Lauer that Kanye’s comments—“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”—was one of the darkest days of his presidency. Kanye apparently felt Bush’s pain and appeared on “Today” to offer his apologies to the former president. Well, the interview didn’t go as planned (or how Kanye wanted) and ‘Ye took to Twitter to express his mistrust for the media. Whether you agree with Kanye or Matt Lauer, this was one hell of an interview. Watch it and tell us what you think.

Sister Stories, Writer Danielle Evans Tells Us About Ourselves: Every so often books come along that so accurately capture the complexities and beauty of young Black women. Danielle Evans’ new collection of short stories, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, does just that. Evans’ characters are smart, gutsy, and wise beyond their years. And most importantly, they are real. Evans breathes life into characters so genuine you will see your own reflection in her words.

Mazel Tov! Rapper Shyne Speaks Out About Being Jewish: Once upon a time people went to jail and found Jesus. Not Shyne. After being locked up for nine years stemming from the 2000 nightclub shooting with Diddy and J-Lo, Shyne is back and apparently, he’s joined “the chosen people.” Recently, Shyne, who legally changed his name to Moses Levi, spoke to The New York Times about his conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Rihanna Rules the Charts. Makes History: Love her or hate her, Rihanna can’t be denied. Her new single, “What’s My Name,” hit the top of the charts and solidified Ri Ri’s spot in history. “What’s My Name” marks the eighth time Rihanna has landed at the number one spot, pushing her past Madonna in the race for most chart-toppers. With her new album, Loud, about to drop, Rihanna shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. #Werk!

Chrisette Michele Calls Out Rick Ross For Being A Sore Loser: Apparently Ricky Rozay can’t stand losing.  Rick Ross and one of our favorites, Chrisette Michele, were scheduled to perform Ross’ hit, “Aston Martin Music,” during Wednesday night’s taping of the Soul Train Music Awards, but things didn’t quite go as planned. After Ross lost the award for “Best Hip Hop Song” to Eminem, he left the building in a tizzy before he and Chrisette could take the stage. To say she was pissed, is an understatement. The songstress took to her blog to blast Ross for his childish antics and to urge hip hop to “man up.”

What have you been talking about this week, Clutchettes and Gents? You Tell Us!

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  • Miss Jae

    I would have been pissed off too if I was suppose to be performing that night & wasn’t able to because Uncle Rozay wanted to throw a temper tantrum!? Who get’s mad for not winning a Soul Train Award?! O_o

  • secret ninja

    i’m glad Kanye cancelled his “Today” appearance, he can go on another show and perform. i thought that was very snarky of Matt Lauer to run that MTV clip while Kanye was talking. i guess these shows think they can have their cake and eat it too. how long ago did this Taylor Swift debacle happen, last year? from the moment it happened i didn’t see her crying in a corner, i saw her win an award over Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson?!?!), i saw her get movie deals, i saw her get a clothing line, talk show appearances, and a greeting card deal with Hallmark. all of this because he didn’t let “the poor little white girl” make her speech, before this happened, i am sure there were quite a few people who didn’t know who she was, i knew who she was before that: she was the girl the media said looked like an elf and made fun of because they thought she was weird and she couldn’t get over her break-up with some Disney kid. now all of sudden, thanks to Kanye, the girl poops gold. i’ve said once and i’ll say it again, people act like he killed the girl. anyway, go Kanye!