The slave trade ended centuries ago. But apparently one mother didn’t get that memo.

According to AP, the mother of a Florida woman attempted to sell her daughter’s child in order to purchase a new car. Patty Bigbee, the mother of Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, was arrested on Friday with her boyfriend after she offered to sell an 8-week-old baby for $30,000.

Her daughter, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, who was aware of the potential sale, was also charged with being a principal to the illegal sale or surrender of a child. The “buyer,” who later informed the police, was one of Bigbee’s other daughters that she had previously given up for adoption. When the buyer claimed she wanted a baby, the grandmother offered her grandson for sale.

According to federal law, any parent or legal guardian who attempts to or intentionally sells or transfers the custody of a minor can be punished with 30 years of imprisonment or a life sentence.

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  • Shay

    *Scratches head, I just don’t get it. There is something very wrong with this story and for some reason I don’t understand how u can give your baby to ur daughter to be raised and it be illegal??

    Or how when people give up their children for adoption they do (in some cases) give the person money for their child. So why is it illegal now?? I’m confused

    • Tiffy

      I think it becomes slavery because she was getting $30,000. Sounds to me more like extortion, the grandmother probably charged/demanded the “buyer” daughter pay her $30,000 after they discussed her taking the child because the she turned her into the police. I think it’s disgusting and ridiculous to try to profit from not being able to care for your child but it happens all the time, lots of wealthier white families go through lawyers to illegally adopt babies all the time so I do not believe the grandmother should have a long sentence

  • dvine

    hmmm! no morals no values..

  • I mean this lady is crazy, what was she thinking?! She was selling this child like a used bedroom set at a yard sale.
    I guess, she figured theres more where it (the child) came from…

  • Alexandra

    Wow! As crazy as it sounds, lets be glad the baby wasn’t hurt. She doesn’t want the baby, so it will eventually be adopted. She’s going away for a long time.

    Clutch, Whatever happened tot he Daily News feed?