The slave trade ended centuries ago. But apparently one mother didn’t get that memo.

According to AP, the mother of a Florida woman attempted to sell her daughter’s child in order to purchase a new car. Patty Bigbee, the mother of Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, was arrested on Friday with her boyfriend after she offered to sell an 8-week-old baby for $30,000.

Her daughter, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, who was aware of the potential sale, was also charged with being a principal to the illegal sale or surrender of a child. The “buyer,” who later informed the police, was one of Bigbee’s other daughters that she had previously given up for adoption. When the buyer claimed she wanted a baby, the grandmother offered her grandson for sale.

According to federal law, any parent or legal guardian who attempts to or intentionally sells or transfers the custody of a minor can be punished with 30 years of imprisonment or a life sentence.

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