While much of America was preparing to get their spook on in the past two weeks, Marjorie Harvey was working to make a lasting impact with young girls in her community.

State Farm Insurance teamed up with the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation to host Girls Who Rule the World Mentoring Weekend on October 22-24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event brought over 100 teenage girls to the Omni CNN Center in downtown Atlanta to engage in three days of uplifting seminars that worked to motivate young girls and provide resources for educational success. Harvey claimed her reasons for giving back her time was because of the numbers.

“Since Georgia has the highest number of high school drop outs and third highest prostitution rates among teenage girls, GWRTW is designed to offer these girls the life skills needed to overcome teenage obstacles and establish a path to success,” Marjorie Harvey stated in a recent press release.

Harvey was joined by female business and musical leaders, including singer Keri Hilson, Essence magazine’s Editor-at-Large Mikki Taylor, and “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd.  Workshops included information on making appropriate sexual choices to decrease health risks, professional etiquette and dress, and a self-esteem building workshop.

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  • Fox

    This sounds nice. No comments at all??

  • It would be a great change if girls and all women were in charge of everything while us men would have the quieter role of supporting them and doing the harder jobs underneath them such as building construction and so forth basically staying out of their way letting them make all or most of the decisions. This will inhance a stable and stronger economy world wide.with women at the top and stength of males underneath.supporting the structure.