Those fierce abs are a staple of Janet’s. But we’ve all sat and watched as spectators through our television screens as her body, music, and spirit has evolved over the years. As the daughter of one of America’s most famous musical families, Janet Jackson has been the

heartthrob of many, the daring role model of women across the globe, and an inspirational entertainer to masses of music listeners. Her path to glory, fame, and a rocking hot body. took blood, sweat, and tears—and now we can all read about it in her new book, True You.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Jackson described her struggle with weight over the years and her reason for penning the book.

“Everyone wanted to know about the weight loss, the weight gain—how do I do it. . . . It’s just talking about my routine, my workout regimine, my nutrition,” Jackson said in the interview. “I wanted to talk about it.”

In fact, Janet’s relation with being a “size too big” came early—at the ripe age of 10.

“I was actually doing ‘Good Times,’ and on our first day of shooting they bound my chest because they thought my breasts were too big,” she told ABC. “I got the part when I was 10, we started shooting when I was 11—I was developing early. It made me feel that the way that I am, it’s not good enough. That’s why I decided to call [the book] ‘True You.'”

In her new book, Jackson shares stories of body image, relationships, self-acceptance, and so much more.

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