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  • Sheena

    I don’t see any problem with not being dolled up. A women can look cute whether she dressed up or going for a more casual look. The problem I have with Joy is she looks exactly the same every single time I see her; as if she just threw on some jeans and a t-shirt. She has no sense of style.

  • I think Joy Bryant is very beautiful. Its refreshing to see someone who doesn’t have to be dolled up all the time. Shes a natural beauty…I’m a natural, earthy chick myself. BUT I think her style could use some help…you can dress earthy and bohemian and still look fly. She should take some notes from Solange… and are those micros?? no ma’am…I have never understood her hair..she always wore straight weaves but you can tell her hair is probably natural and it never blended well with her weave. I think she should just go all the way natural with her hair…or rock a curly weave.

    and to the poster above who said she looks preg..your eyes are not decieving you..she looks very pregnant to me too! i see a bump and her face looks fuller…