Uncle Sam has no love for Wesley Snipes. After nearly two years of appeals, the well-know action film star is preparing for the most difficult role of his career, Federal Prisoner #43355-018.

During today’s sentencing hearing, Snipes’ bail was revoked and he was ordered to report to Federal prison to begin serving his three-year sentence for tax evasion.

In a statement during the hearing, U.S. District Judge, Terrell Hodges, said that Snipes’ time was up. “The defendant Snipes had a fair trial. . . . The time has come for the judgment to be enforced.”

Snipes’ prison sentence stems from a 2008 conviction on three counts of tax evasion (he was also found not guilty on five additional charges). According to prosecutors, Snipes willfully neglected to file tax returns for 1999 through 2001, despite earning nearly $38 million since 1999. At the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor continued to assert that Snipes hadn’t filed or paid any taxes through 2006 and deserved to be punished.

Although his most recent appeal for a new trial was denied, Snipes’ lawyer, Daniel Meachum, indicated he would attempt another appeal. But Snipes’ days of freedom are numbered.

All Wesley Snipes can do now is wait. Barring any last minute legal jujitsu, the Bureau of Prisons will notify Snipes and his attorney of an upcoming surrender date. But Uncle Sam isn’t wasting any time. Snipes’ prisoner ID number, 43355-018, is already listed in the Bureau of Prisons’ database and his status is listed as “in transit.”

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  • IntellBlackman

    When will we ever learn? You don’t f**k with Uncle Sam, especially if you’re a famous, black millionaire. You know there’s already a target on your back. Why would anyone think they could get away with not paying taxes for years? Didn’t Wesley learn anything from the Ron Isley saga?

  • Clnmike

    Damn shame, you can beat a woman and violate parole and get less time for that if any. But mess with the governments taxes and they’ll swing you by the neck from a tree.