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  • Glamarazzi

    She looks great, but she dresses very matronly. She’s so beautiful with an incredible body too I wish she’d spice it up a bit.

  • Sherrie

    I think she looks very classy, sexy and fine the way she is. I frankly am tired of seeing women dressed like high-priced hoochies in an effort to look sexy. It’s a look that’s very worn, think of the classy women from yester-years: Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, etc., that didn’t need to have their boobs out and a dress so short it looked like a nightie from Victoria’s Secret! A woman can still look sexy without sacrificing her dignity!

  • Brit

    she’s petite and she’s drowning in this dress. it needs to be 2 inches short and more nipped in the waist. the shoes look very “grandma.” i’d also like to see more visual interest especially at an event called “fashion for action.”

  • Brit

    *2 inches shorter. not “short”–that would be indecent. :P

  • robby

    Uummm is this seriously the “Look of the Day”? Lol.
    Who was in charge of getting the garment there and on, because its a bit wrinkled-somebody’s gettin’ fired!

    It looks like she went to Alfre Woodard’s closet and got the third dress she saw…


    This is all wrong.