Financial empowerment is a key  for women looking to ground themselves in a state of stability and success during economic hardships. To stay ahead of the financial curve, it is important that extra income is translated from skills or hobbies that we already have. Entry-level salaries have remained stagnant for years, and there are are classier side-hustles than pet-sitting. Over time, those skills and passions could translate into a more profitable opportunity than your daily nine-to-five. Here are three smart ways to boost your income:

Power of the Mind: Psych Tests

We have all seen the fliers hanging up in university corridors and grocery store lobbies. Academic and medical researchers are always looking for individuals from the public to participate in behavioral or psychology studies. A pre-screening may be involved for tests that cost more (like brain scans or medicine) and some tests are as simple as decoding puzzles or answering a couple of questions. Smaller studies range from $2 to 25, whereas some studies are up to $100 or $400, depending on the level of difficulty.

Keep it Fit and Sexy: Yoga Instructor

Are you an active member of your community gym? Take advantage of your facilities and love for fitness and find out whether or not the gym offers free training programs to become an instructor. Outside organizations also offer training centers for yoga and aerobic instructors. The benefits of this side hustle are that you’ll be able to get paid to work out, and encourage other women to lose weight and stay fit. A full-time yoga instructor’s salary is currently $46,000, which means work on the weekend or evenings could average out to $18-$25 an hour, depending on appropriate certification.

Save a Life: CPR Instructor

There is no greater benefit than serving the general community, and becoming a CPR instructor gives you the power to inform and educate your community. Although the CPR methods have changed within the past ten years, learning the practice is not hard, and there is always a need for it. As a CPR Instructor, you will be able to make your service available to local schools with health education courses, non-profits like the YMCA, and workplaces and corporations to aid in professional development. The American Heart Association provides information about where you can find CPR training to get started.

We want to know how you bring in extra cash. What’s your side hustle?

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