Financial empowerment is a key  for women looking to ground themselves in a state of stability and success during economic hardships. To stay ahead of the financial curve, it is important that extra income is translated from skills or hobbies that we already have. Entry-level salaries have remained stagnant for years, and there are are classier side-hustles than pet-sitting. Over time, those skills and passions could translate into a more profitable opportunity than your daily nine-to-five. Here are three smart ways to boost your income:

Power of the Mind: Psych Tests

We have all seen the fliers hanging up in university corridors and grocery store lobbies. Academic and medical researchers are always looking for individuals from the public to participate in behavioral or psychology studies. A pre-screening may be involved for tests that cost more (like brain scans or medicine) and some tests are as simple as decoding puzzles or answering a couple of questions. Smaller studies range from $2 to 25, whereas some studies are up to $100 or $400, depending on the level of difficulty.

Keep it Fit and Sexy: Yoga Instructor

Are you an active member of your community gym? Take advantage of your facilities and love for fitness and find out whether or not the gym offers free training programs to become an instructor. Outside organizations also offer training centers for yoga and aerobic instructors. The benefits of this side hustle are that you’ll be able to get paid to work out, and encourage other women to lose weight and stay fit. A full-time yoga instructor’s salary is currently $46,000, which means work on the weekend or evenings could average out to $18-$25 an hour, depending on appropriate certification.

Save a Life: CPR Instructor

There is no greater benefit than serving the general community, and becoming a CPR instructor gives you the power to inform and educate your community. Although the CPR methods have changed within the past ten years, learning the practice is not hard, and there is always a need for it. As a CPR Instructor, you will be able to make your service available to local schools with health education courses, non-profits like the YMCA, and workplaces and corporations to aid in professional development. The American Heart Association provides information about where you can find CPR training to get started.

We want to know how you bring in extra cash. What’s your side hustle?

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  • Chanea Nealy

    this was an amazing article, being a college student, this has pumped me up! I have talents of my own, I have been doing eyebrows for about $5 to the girls in my dorm, and I’ve already made a decent sum of money, I’m def. more encouraged to venture out and showcase my other talents as well :)

    • Sammy23

      Nice article. I think it’s great that we motivate and share our tips with each other as women of color. Financial empowerment is important in develop our independence as strong black women. I think what is interesting is now more than ever people are really finding ways to profit off their side hustles. I started making jewelry as a hobby and now I make enough to pay my rent each month! Kudos to Clutch on this one!

    • Maurice

      @Chanea Nealy…good for you and I would encourage you to post flyers, that has your number that can be pulled off, in all of the dorms and around campus. I would charge $10 for eyebrows because females pay much more than that in salons. Also offer other services you’re good at while you have clients. What you should also do is if you don’t want to give your real number use Google Voice. They will assign a vanity number in your area that you can give out for your eyebrow services and the calls will be redirected to your real number. I use it for my business.

      This article is on point and pysch tests are good, which can be found all over college campuses, throw in medical research studies as well…these can be found at college medical campuses, hospitals and etc.

      I’ve done online and offline focus groups, medical research studies, selling on eBay and others. One income stream just doesn’t cut it anymore…gotta have multiple streams.

      Here’s what I recommend to make add’l $$ for the following folks who’ve posted or will post later:

      1. Signup for new email account, yahoo, google, hotmail etc, for your side hustle only don’t mix it with personal…mistake I made.

      2. Google: medical research+your city or medical research+name of hospital in your city/county or medical research in your city….it’s better to use plus sign because it will target those keywords only!!

      The great thing about paid medical research studies are that it’s like receiving free health care. They oftentimes give you full examination…that’s how I found out I had something going on in my brain with too much fluids in one of my ventricles. Not only that you get the results and get paid cash most of the time if not a check in a few weeks. There’s no office co-pay and at times parking fees are covered or free. Don’t be afraid to ask for lunch for lenghty visits and flexibility of times. As a healthy volunteer, majority times I don’t do ones that require taking meds but sometimes I do and you have to decide yourself. Black people are underserved in these studies.

      3. Google Voice: To get a vanity number assigned to your real number and it’s unlimited vanity numbers…pass out on flyers, cards and whatever. Be professional!

      4. Go to http://findfocusgroups.com/….national focus groups being conducted all around the country.

      I’ve done focus groups ranging from new products like cellphones to pilot tv shows and they pay cash/check right on the spot and they have lunch half the times or snacks all of the time. You can get paid from $75 to $300. Again, black people underserved in this area. 9 out of 10 times I’m the only chocolate brotha.

      They have online focus groups you can do at home. It might they want you to keep a blog journal for for 30 minutes for 5 days on detergents that pays $125. Online trial jury where you have to decide on a case for 45 mins for 3 days that pays $150. Also they’re in most cases a 2nd part you don’t know until after the initial screening upon acceptance that pays more $$$.

      5. Go to www,greenbook.org

      -Select metro area under “find focus group facilities”
      -Register with all of them online or via phone
      -Ask for referral link or inquire about referral fee from each focus group company for you to give to others

      6. Sell unwanted stuff on eBay

      -downside is fees and shipping costs
      -upside…$$$ and got rid of items

      7. Sell on Craigslist under ‘For Sale” category….no fees

      -downside…folks not showing up at times but it’s expected like everything else
      -upside…$$$ and got rid of items

      8. Craiglist

      -under volunteers and etc categories
      -WARNING some of the ads are phishing for your information….a way to figure this out is if there no company name and/or number…most likely it’s phishing for your personal info.
      -If you do find a company name—>>Google it! Do some detective work and use common sense…the kind grandmama would instill in you when you were a youngin’!

      9. Online/Home Business

      I know some of ya’ll are real skeptical but don’t let it mummify into not doing anything. Are their scams out there? Yes. But you have to use common sense and not operate out of a place of desperation for $$$. If you do you’ll easily fall prey.

      Go to http://www.warriorforum and http://www.marketcrush.com

      -Surf around before doing anything and get comfortable then signup…its free!
      -Contribute value and ask ?’s in the appropriate threads.
      -Check out the Warrior Special Offer thread
      -There is a minimum posts requirement they don’t like scammers or ppl who are connivers and you’ll get “flamed” meaning wax off, wax on verbal smashing
      -Check Warriors for hire section for those of you that have online skills like writing, web design, virtual assistant, seo search and etc.
      -They have online businesses you can start for new beginners…how I know because I’ve done it…not theory but practical.

      Hope this helps, take action, and God Bless!

    • Maurice
  • Saida

    My side work from my Masters work is a housekeeper for a bougy Brooklyn B&B and although it pays off the books, it can have me singing “Pirate Jenny” sometimes. It’s easy work, not difficult to find but it plays into many notions of people of color as predisposed to the service industry. I’ve found if I don’t make myself visible to the white guests, they’ll assume someone more akin to the neighborhood is cleaning their toilets and leave a generous tip. If I run into the guests, I can count on not finding tip when they check out.

    It’s degrading work and it’s rare to find an innkeeper that doesn’t expect their housekeeper to play the Mamie role. But there are bigger things in life to struggle through and the cash helps. Can’t wait to quit though.

  • Therapist

    Massage therapist all the way!

  • I teach Pilates on the weekends and it’s definitely a great way to pull in a little extra income.

  • I just wanted to say Saida, I hope that you find work in the field you’ve studied for. Perhaps one day you’ll own that B&B. A shame about those idiots and their tipping scale. Pure evil, but what would one expect from that sort.