First Lady, Michelle Obama, is serious about improving America’s youth and their eating habits.

Last Monday she visited Riverside Elementary School, a predominantly Latino school in Miami, to introduce “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools,” a plan that would bring over 6,000 salad bars to schools nationwide.

“Our goal for this campaign is to eliminate childhood obesity, to make sure that kids are eating healthy and getting the kind of exercise they need to be healthy and fit, and to be the leaders that we need you all to be in the years to come,” Mrs. Obama told Riverside students. “If you’re going to change your habits, you’ve got to be ready to try some new stuff . . . trying some vegetables you might not normally eat.”

Only 15 percent of public school cafeterias have salad bars. Why? For several schools, a $2000 investment and upkeep is way too expensive.

The United Fresh Produce Association will be donating 6,000 salad bars to schools in low-income neighborhoods.

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  • Pretty Cute

    Kudos to FLOTUS Michelle! Nutrition for children is especially important. I hope this starts a new trend that will stay. Also, there should be an investigation into what kinds of food they are serving children….so much scarier than you think

  • Jencendiary

    While I’m an advocate of healthy living as well, I am afraid that Mrs. Obama’s statements go towards the conflation of thin with healthy. The two are not always co-existing states. Some people are just not ever going to meet those chart requirements – healthy habits at any size should be the goal.

    • sloane

      i totally agree. i believe in health at every size, and that you cannot tell how healthy a person is just based on looking at them. i do commend michelle on trying to integrate more fresh vegetables into the diets of children though.

    • Jencendiary

      I agree. The idea’s sound, but the message delivery could stand to be fine tuned.

  • This is a great idea! But, it will take a lot of work to get kids to eat healthy.

  • sunshyne84

    What’s going on with gym class though? In elementary we had to participate but by middle school you see the boys playign basketball and the girls sitting around chattin it up. We had packaged salads in my elementary school, but I never saw salads in high school.