Cyberbullying. Sexting. Twitter wars. As news coverage has shown, forms of digital harassment have increased significantly with the usage of social media, especially amongst youth and young adults. But one media giant is taking an active step in educating web users about Internet safety.

MTV unveiled it’s A Thin Line campaign, “Draw Your Line”, early last week. The network designed an online interactive visualization that highlights the different approaches teens and young adults are using to end digital abuse. Digital abuse is any form of harassment that occurs over the interwebs or a technological device, such as cyber bullying and online stalking.

“No generation has ever come of age dealing with the consequences of large-scale digital abuse,” said Jason Rzepka, vice president of MTV Public Affairs, in a recent statement. “MTV is partnering with our audience to help turn the tide on this uniquely 21st century issue—and empowering them to develop a new code of ethics for the digital age.”

It’s not just adults who care about youth on the web. 24-year-old Michael Bastianelli is the name behind the innovative awareness website.

“Digital abuse is an issue that has the potential to get worse as technology evolves,” Michael explained. “I’ve personally been affected by [cyber bullying] and bullying, and I know just how hurtful and damaging it can be. The only way we can prevent this flood of abuse is to be proactive about it.”

Web users are able to rate their online behavior and share stories of support for peers. The site provides entertaining ways to learn  about internet safety, and useful resources for how to take action against digital abuse and discrimination.

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