Natural hair care tips and information can found on the radio, in books and magazines, and on the Web—very soon it will also be available in calendars. The first ever all-in-one natural hair calendar/album is due to launch this fall. And not only is it a calendar, but a place to document your hair journey as well.

The Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar—A Year of Hair, is an undated calendar that will have everything you need—hair maintenance, tips, inspirational quotes, etc., to help you along your natural hair journey. The calendar will also include over 50 stickers to mark hair milestones such as, The Big Chop, First Nappiversary, Length Checks, and more. Be sure to go to The Natural Hair Calendar website to reserve your copy and download a copy of the free monthly printable.

Ayo Ogun is the mastermind behind The Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar. Below, she share’s with Coco & Crème readers her inspiration behind the calendars.

I decided to create a Natural Hair Calendar/Album after having a desire to establish a healthy hair care regimen and the need to fully track, record and map out my hair observations. Yes, there’s Fotki, online diaries and YouTube, but obviously one cannot carry a computer or a camcorder all day long. Plus, how can one truly map out a year’s journey of Natural hair care online?

I needed an in your face-everyday, non-electronic keepsake tool for documenting my hair journey. What could offer all of this conveniently? Simple—A Calendar. Calendars are used daily in every home and office. Thus, the creation of the Natural Hair Love Affair Calendar/Album which is a remarkably effective way to encourage healthy hair habits and establish long lasting hair routines that will cater to each their own.

And what better way to encourage those thinking of transitioning? By offering a fun, unique and practical tool that will allow them to see on a daily basis that maintaining ones Natural Hair is doable, informative and exciting.

Ayo on the importance of documenting your hair journey . . .

Our ancestral hair (African descendants) is like NO other. And when we live in a society where the societal norm has become accepting hair that looks like something other than what naturally grew out of our scalps, its important to document a beautifully authentic natural hairstory that should not be remiss.

For ages, emphasis and meaning have been placed on hair throughout various cultures. There are so many cultural hair tales that have been told and will continue to be told. It’s important to remember and uphold these traditions-old and new, and preserve them as hair archives for generations to come. The more ways Natural Hair lovers can find to express our hair to ourselves, the better we learn to understand, know, and love ourselves.

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– Laquita Thomas-Banks

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