A couple of new Rihanna promo pics have hit the web. The newly transformed red-head has been seen all over promoting her latest album, Loud. The album will be out in the U.S on November 30th.

She talks to BBC hosts saying “I can’t believe it’s the fifth album already. That’s insane to think about. . . . I’ve never been this excited about anything I’ve done creatively, and this is just the perfect Rihanna album: Every song is tailored to me.” She also states, “I wanted songs that were all Rihanna songs, that nobody else could do. I didn’t want the generic pop record that Ke$ha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry could just do and it’ll work. I wanted a song, or songs, that were Rihanna songs, that only I could do, had that little West Indian vibe to it, had that certain tone, a certain sass and a certain energy.”

-Ellisa Oyewo

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