. . . What Would They Say?


Sidenote/Humble Confession: I, Chelsea, think this wig is rather charming—color and all. Also, this shade of pink remind’s me of Essie’s “Punchy Pink,” which currently adorns my toesies. So for that, Nicki dear, you get two thumbs up from me (*snickers*). #ImJustSayin

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  • Melody

    The face is there
    Everything else is a flop
    Sorry Nicki

  • Fuchsia


  • dvine

    hot ass mess

  • Brit

    i don’t even know what i’m looking at here. it’s like someone pushed her into a vat of bubblegum, and she was like “there’s no way i’ll get all this off before the party. quick! hand me my wig. i gotta make it work.”