Nicki turns up the heat for her latest feature in Black Men magazine. She certainly shows off her shape in a variety of looks reminiscent of a modern day pin-up, biker chick, and even Lara Croft (a la “Tomb Raider”).

What are your thoughts on the spread?

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  • dvine

    this is definitely for a men’s magazine..

  • Danielle Monifa

    ITA! I was a bit taken back by the display of skin as well as her positioning in some of the shots, but as dvine noted it is indeed a men’s magazine.

  • Chaka Mills

    Well Im glad she understands her brand and I appreciate the few photos with some fashion forward pieces. As a whole I give her props for being able to do high fashion photoshoots as well as those that would appeal to the male audience… its not always easily done without coming off as slutty.

  • Melody

    She is SMOKIN. I would hit it :) personally.
    Haha. You can tell it’s for a men’s mag. I like.

  • jul

    she is HOT! love it