The Grio — Sarah Palin is the modern day version of the traveling medicine men: selling lies and snake oil, moving from town to town in an effort to avoid being found out. The ignorance of her victims is her greatest currency and she is more than happy for Americans to pay for her toxic product.

Palin’s latest attacks against first lady Michelle Obama in her upcoming book, America By Heart, demonstrate her willingness to use racial innuendo to attack the first family, in hopes that all her patriotic sound bites and strategically placed flag bracelets and pins will distract from the fact that she offers no political or policy solutions. Much like her tweets and Facebook updates, she is missing the necessary characters to complete a meaningful sentence.

Her performance on the national stage in 2008 conveyed her inability to conduct a real interview, let alone be responsible for foreign policy matters and our nuclear arsenal. She retreated to Fox News after Obama’s win, where they write her sounds bites for her and allow her to put pen on hand. The Palin machine is Dancing With the Stars, posing nude in Playgirl magazine and hunting grizzlies in their natural habitat.

The audacity she’s shown in critiquing Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard educated attorney, is baffling at first, and mind-numbing upon realization that she is making money doing so. In her new book she claims, President Obama “seems to believe” that “America — at least America as it currently exists — is a fundamentally unjust and unequal country.” Palin continues by saying, “Certainly [Michelle Obama] expressed this view when she said during the 2008 campaign that she had never felt proud of her country until her husband started winning elections. In retrospect, I guess this shouldn’t surprise us, since both of them spent almost two decades in the pews of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church listening to his rants against America and white people.”

It makes sense, that Palin limits her speaking engagements to Tea Party events, which pay her upwards of $100K per appearance, and has mastered the art of using divisiveness, fear mongering and hate speech disguised as “rallying the base”. She knows this kind of message — along with her misguided defense of Dr Laura Schlesinger’s racist rant — won’t play well with mainstream voters. Underneath her “hockey mom” demeanor and rhetoric, she remains an intellectually incurious novice with a hunger for fame and all the millions the Republican establishment throw at her.

Palin’s Alaska, her latest foray into the reality television world of TLC, which unleashed Jon and Kate Plus 8 onto the American airwaves, is a clear sign that she is using her newfound celebrity for all it’s worth. Sadly, her rise to fame says a lot about American society. The truth of the matter is Palin has a certain genius to her charade, a particularly well-executed game plan which belies the greater truth: she has fooled them all, and gone straight to the bank with her winnings.

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  • Lila

    In her new book she claims, President Obama “seems to believe” that “America — at least America as it currently exists — is a fundamentally unjust and unequal country.”

    I believe that President Obama does believe that America is fundamentally unjust and unequal. This is why some people like to refer to him as a socialist. I do not believe that he is a socialist but I believe that he thinks that he needs to “save” everyone. To be fair, the President inherited a train wreck of problems and I agree with some of the decisions he made that have kept this country from descending into another depression. However, his lack of experience has impeded his ability to govern effectively in some areas. He is a great orator but the problems facing this country require more than great speeches. Also, I believe that President Obama is sometimes guilty of race baiting. He was on a radio show right before the midterms telling Hispanic voters that Republicans were their enemies. He later qualified his comments but in my opinion, those comments showed his desperation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the state of Arizona enacting legislation to protect its citizens from illegal immigrants but the President wrongly believes that if he challenges the Arizona law in court, Hispanics will vote for him in droves. I don’t believe they will and I believe that the President does not understand the electorate.

    Michelle Obama has made statements in the past that have made her a target of some conservatives. She is such an accomplished person and it is probably very difficult for her not being able to utilize her full potential in her role as First Lady. I really feel for her, but in her role, she cannot say whatever she wants because there are always people waiting to spin her remarks every which way.

    Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President. I don’t care how much money she makes, she is really dumb in my opinion. However, that does not mean that she cannot be elected. President Obama is weakened, in my opinion, due to the 60 House seats that were lost to Republicans in the midterms. He is heavily criticized by the left and the right. Sarah Palin is very popular among Republicans but she does not fair well with Independents. It’s possible that she could be elected President. I hope not. Sarah Palin is a quitter, is undereducated, and does not have a clear understanding of the enormous issues that face this country and the international community.

    • Marvin

      The President and The First Lady are wonderful people and are great representatives of Black people and America. sarah palin is a joke and is not smart (clearly). She is nothing but a “celebrity” that’s why she’s still in the news and she’s not a “celebrity” worth following she is just a joke.

      But if all of us on this forum have the time to post comments on this article then we all should take the time to support President OBAMA in all cases. Especially to keep him in the office for a successful second term. Think about it people. “They” are trying to “take their country back” and if ya’ll have time to LOL and all that other crap then please take the time to VOTE.

  • King Jason

    Palin is stupid white trash, what’s to be confused?

  • BFS

    Mimi, exactly. As for a certain other comment in here, suprise, surprise (Sarcasm).

  • Canden

    I actually think Mr. Bragg has a couple of good points. I dont think the Palin quotes in this article prove that she is racist. They do imply that she thinks the Obamas views of America are misguided and possibly infer racism themselves. And I also agree that people who are Ivy League educated are not necessarily above reproach. However, considering Palin in her totality who has a track record of not being very informed and whose cerebral processes seem to reek of superficiality, it is an insult for her to be critiquing a woman who clearly is highly respected, intelligent, and consistently comprehensive across the board. And if you are going to critique such a woman, for goodness sake dont critique her on race relations unless you are superhuman and can back it up 100% otherwise you will most certainly be pissing off the entire African American population. If that’s her aim, I think shes well on her way to her goal.