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  • Mo

    i love it…he used a BEAT someone else used wow how is he jacking the song, half of the songs u rock out with come from songs already produced so now its a BIG deal come on! ppl wasnt going crazy when Diddy did it. sex does sell but it ALSO gets you talking and blogging am i the only one who sees how these artist play the media to their advantage to keep their name in the “circle”..

  • Bri

    Personally I have been rocking the song since September or so since it leaked. I liked the song then and I enjoy it now with the video which in my opinion is just fine, but I digress, I am not into videos much anyway.

    I find nothing wrong with this video and have been a fan of that man since before he told you to “Ask Yourself”

  • Dimples

    Are you guys not Raheem fans??? How can you be surprised when he has been sexual on all his cd’s. This isn’t knew to him. I suggest you go back and listen to his past work. As for glorifying cheating….cheating was here before these videos came out.