Where my dogs at? Well, if you mean troubled rapper DMX, he’s back in an Arizona jail.

DMX , whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested Thursday in Phoenix by Maricopa County probations officers. Apparently Dark Man X violated the terms of his parole by using drugs. Court documents allege that DMX consumed cocaine and OxyCotin, refused to submit to a drug test, and drove on a suspended license.

For DMX this is just another incident in a long history of run-ins with the law. According to The Associated Press, he was convicted of attempted aggregated assault for throwing a food tray at a jail guard, and theft for attempting to use a fake name to avoid paying a $7,500 hospital bill. He was also convicted of animal cruelty in 2009, and in 2004 DMX plead guilty after he was caught posing as a federal agent and crashing his car through a security gate at JFK airport in New York City.

Although DMX has had a very successful music career, and has even starred in several films, he hasn’t been able to stay on the straight and narrow these last few years. This latest blow is particularly troubling, according to his lawyer, because his arrest came so close to the holidays and Simmons has been working to put his life back together.

“It is very frustrating that the probation department would time it in such a way to violate Mr. Simmons right before the holiday and just a few weeks shy of the termination date of the probation,” Glenn Allen, DMX’s attorney, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “Mr. Simmons has been working very hard and will overcome this setback.

In an interview taken after his arrest, DMX owned up to his mistakes. “I realize I shouldn’t have done it. I wasn’t done with the program. They let me out. I should have protected myself better.”

DMX is facing prison time for his latest arrest due to his repeated probation volitions. Officials are expected to request that his probation be revoked at his hearing on Wednesday, November 24.

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