Reknown makeup artist, Sam Fine, recently spoke to the StyleList about beauty tips every brown girl should know. “Women of color disproportionately spend money on cosmetics, yet often aren’t spoken to,” he says. In his list of five tips, Sam advises:

1. Set brows with powder. Deeper-complected women naturally have darker brows, which means you’ll shape and fill in sparse areas with shades ranging from brown to dark espresso. Such dark color drawn right on the skin will stand out obviously unless you temper it down with a quick-setting of powder that will make brows look more authentic. “You don’t need to necessarily match a powder to your brow pencil, you can just use the pressed powder you’d use on your face,” says Fine, who adds that he prefers Maybelline pencils and powders.

3. Prime bold lips first. Deeper tones can pull off beautiful splashes of color on the lips glamorously—but there’s nothing less attractive than a cracked and crumbly loud lip. Fine slips a layer of Aquaphor on his clients first, and then begins working on their makeup. By the time he gets to the pout, the hydration has soaked in and left lips silky, smooth and ready for a pop of color.

5. Opt for cream concealer. Fine says that most women make the mistake of using too sheer of a concealer to cover up blemishes and spots, which won’t cut it for darker skin tones that require a thicker consistency. “The more coverage you have in a product, the less you’ll need to use. Using a higher coverage concealer will actually end up looking more natural than caking up layers of a sheerer concealer,” advises Fine.

To see the entire list of tips and view some of Sam Fine’s favorite drugstore brand picks, visit the StyleList.

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